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My Angels.

Did you know,

When stewing in your lowest low,

Feeling quite alone,

Your light a faint,

Distant glow.

A guardian figure,


For you,

Will show.

Show you other planes,

Reveal the reasoning,

Behind your pain.

Might make you feel insane,

For a force like this,

Science cannot explain away.

Dark thoughts taught to tame,

Banished feelings of hurt,

Or shame.

With your Angel by your side,

A constant comfort,


Your body cant deny.

Courage will grow within,

A mind once so fragile,


Will gorge itself with contentment.

Right the wrongs,

Glue back the broken fragments.

This miracle companion,

Will release the stallion.

The odds are good.

You may soon wonder,

Who your Angel may be?

Holding your hand,

Helping you see.

Lucky I am,

I have two,

Holding each hand.

They guide me through life,

Console me on hopeless nights.

You may say im mad,

But I know both my Angels,

My Grandad's.

Are with me always,

As I write these words,

My eyes well,

At peace.

In life we didn't see a lot of one another,

But in death,

I was delighted to uncover.

Your here,

Healing my wounds.

One step ahead.

I just want to say,

Thank you,

My Angels,

My Grandad's.

Anthony and Tony...

I'll never feel lonely.


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