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She shows you life.

Each sunrise, every adventure into night.

You are baptised in moonshine, nourished by the awe of the universe.

Caught off guard by her whisper in the wind.

Are you afraid?

She see's us all hide from the rain...

Complain and voice our distain about how the rain falls.

Her call, beckoning your true wild self.

You feel it, deep down in the roots you are connected to the earth.

The energy that flows from your fingertips into the atmosphere, embraced by the sun.

This fight to notice is one we all partake.

Your fate is intertwined with the balance within yourself.

Her plans for you are true.

Forgotten maybe many,

Swept up with the dust of man's illusions of what this life is supposed to be. Or mean to you!

Notice her she will notice you.

This gift of virtue, compassion and that fresh taste of morning dew.

You deserve a reality of peace and simplicity.

As the earth adorns you with all the sustanence and grace you will ever need.

I implore you no longer waste the chance to set yourself free..

Free from the guilt of this manic empire, we all find ourselves bound.

Please don't forget, there is a choice to be found.


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