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One Night.

Once upon a dream...

A faint echo of drums,


A vibration of song,

Hits your heart.

As butterflies flutter within.

You can feel the goodness,

Of this place,

Gently soothing your skin.

Luminous splashes,

Of Pink and Green,

Adorns the trees.

Light of love,

A glow of comfort,

Hugs you as you enter.

This will truly be,

A night to remember.

My body now is lost,

Lost to the energy around.

A Cheshire cat,

Immerses my face.


An adventure awaits.

Guided by each beat,

Released all control of my feet.

On this night,

I am one with the forest.

Details once lost to the eye.

A spectrum of colours,


Have no reason to hide.

A place of magic tricks,

Escaped imaginations.

All dancing together,

With no hesitation.

Inhibitions don't exist.

Only the moment,

You rise within.

A mirage,

Of smiles and hugs.

Warm bodies,

Thoughts of only love.

Pixies thrive here,

Diving in and out of the crowds.

Sprinkling their glitter of hope.

Swinging in the trees,

Rope to rope.


There are none.

All guided by one intuition.

Bliss the collective decision.

Have you felt the rain?

These pleasure droplets,

Falling from that rainbow sky.

Each drop,

Makes me feel more alive.

A tribute to our Ancestors,

To dance in nature,

Feel safe in its care.



That there is more to life,

Than just working.

A hidden doom we all know soon,

Is lurking.

But now,

In this forest.

Bathed in colour and satisfaction.

No care of time,

Or any action.

Just waves,

Chemical reactions.

This is where I belong,

Guided song to song.

A place where nothings wrong.

At least for one night...

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