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Ponders of a Wanderer.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

A collection of thoughts from a five hour train journey through the bush of Australia:

Having so much time can be confusing.

The power of this new found freedom can seem to be deceivingly constricting.

How lucky am I!?

To be free, choose how I live this life...body like a feather, in trust with the wind and fates.

Surrendered to each change in moon and sun, each tight breath a reminder to slow down.

Become a wanderer of this enchanting space.

There is so much room to flower amoungst a garden of choice.

Each day peering at my back in the mirror, checking if wishful wings have begun to grow.

So much creativity and peace soars in the absence of hostile blood. When our hearts and minds are allowed to be quiet and listen.

Confusion of love and hope for the future, but better to have loved and lost than never felt true emotion run through this vessel.

Trusting mother earth has a plan for me, was it just a summer dance of love? I can become at peace with that. Still a beautiful memory.

In these $10 Doc Martin boots, sold with holes. At one with there dusty style.

I feel like a woman of the world. How clothing can transform our attitude, guide our strides!

How we carry ourselves is surely an important thing.

Holding on to this goddess energy I have obtained through the strength and beauty of so many amazing woman in my life.

Each step in these Op shop bought boots, I make my mother proud. But most importantly I begin to make myself proud.

I have begun to awaken myself, have a vision of the woman I want to be. These green eyes seeing clearer each day on this dusty road.

Oh how I miss him, how we we held eachother. It felt special to me, maybe I'm wrong. For now, i still can't help but smile as I know this is where I am supposed to be.

There is something so empowering about having your whole life in three bags.

Seeing all the beauty and love this world has to offer.

Concept of time a forgotten fallacy.

How strange a "normal" life now seems...

Looking back a now impossible task. I no longer mourn that previous life, wondering how could I ever go back?

Back to suits and routine...

Back to expectations and money vacuums. A chaos of the loss of sense of self.

Oh how easy it is to lose the true purpose of this life.

I feel a strange nothingness in my heart for a life of structure, a life ruled by clocks and screens.

Judgement from so many, even yourself. Whether silent or too loud you feel their gaze crushing your spirit and your dreams.

I feel so blessed to be here making my own way.

How dare another human judge and push ideas onto another.

We all desire and love such different things, so how could you compare yourself to another? But we do.

For fear or another's opinion feels so funny to me. Is it a conditioned behaviour that we all need to act and travel the same life path to be a success? How can that be, if everyones version of success is so different?

Surround yourself with those who heal you as much as you desire to heal them.

Don't let anyone drain your light!

For your light is a part of you another may be drawn too if their own flame is burning out. It is not up to you to reignite anothers flame.

Listen to music that makes you feel good and makes your body instinctively move.


Dancing is truly the medicine for releasing stale and unwanted energy within your body! Dance when no one's looking or even better dance with anyone who will dance too.

Caring less results in a more sure sense of self. Still maintaining respect and boundaries of others. Caring less doesn't have to hold negative connotations...this generation is not lazy or lacks any motivation, some are just searching for another way to live. It is possible.

Reminding yourself each day you are alive and your body is breathing and healing itself every second of the day.

A deep breath and conscious recognition of being a part of this world.

Finally just saying thank you each day to yourself and to this earth for being here and having the chance to be a part of this human experience.

One that can surely be challenging and confusing but one we all need to honour and ride.

Be free, wise and most of all find your way!

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