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Rat Race.





A sound that runs all our worlds.

A moment not to be missed,

And seconds gone with the wind.

Each persons daily obsession,

To know which minute or hour their in.

A concept followed by moon and sun.

A race with no choice but to enter,

And Run.

Such fear and panic,

You'll finish too fast.

Cross that line so suddenly,

And all will be past.

We rise each day,

To re join the run.

For a story non-stopping,

Not for anyone.

Can we leave this race?

Say goodbye to the rats...

Join the mice in the meadow,

Hide from the cats.

Take back what's truly ours,

Our time,

So precious.

Break free from these chains,

I wonder if they'd let us?

A face always watching,

Two hands,

No feet.

So surely,

An easy opponent to defeat?

What's stopping us?

Why do we continue to compete with the rats?

When the mice over there,

Look so happy,

So free..

Privileged with the best gift of all,

No time wasted,


I wish that could be me.

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