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Someone's Mountain.

A reminder to myself.

We all begin at the bottom.

Gazing high, overwhelmed by the promise of love.

All damaged and deserving.

Messy minds implode, flying rocks fall. Such slippery slopes.

A storm of confusion, reluctant tears flood our path.

Legs buckle with excuses,

We keep slipping.

Distance grows,

Showing us a destination leading only to graves of broken hearts.

Our hungry hope elevates desire,

I have had enough of patiently persuing ghosts.

I am a mountain.

Unknown the feet that will one day climb me,

I know deep in being, they will find me.

Evoke no question,

Mention no doubt.

Sprout no excuses.

Please remember the truth is,

You are someone's Mountain.

In true divine timing,

You won't stop sipping and smiling, from the fountain of love.

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