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Stolen time.

As I stare at the horizon,

Entranced by the soothing crashes of Poseidon.

Whisked away by the natural beauty of this scene.

True in purpose.

Finally unwrapping mother nature's gifts of this world,

Alone in person,

Yet crowded by the spirits of such genuine kind souls.

Flooded and hugged by her vision,

I can only marvel at her precision.

A little listen to the ocean,

Blows any doubt away.

Ear to ear echoing my dream lust for life.

Collecting each moment like gold dust.

I cherish you,

You mind aweing view!

Paused in thought and mind,

Clasping in hand this golden vile of memories,

Embedded deep within me.

Gone all suspicions of self,

The magic of the world has stolen time.

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