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The universe.

Dear universe.

Whoever you are,

Whatever you are,

Thank you.

A forever cosmos of stars and light.

Luminescent electrons and rocks,

Guide us by night.

A creation of collisions of atoms,

Theories of God.

A God knowing,

In the broadest term.

To give the idea of our existence some sense.

A way for our life forms to learn.

Learn how indescribable you are,

Timeless you are.

With no humanisation,

How long you will last.

No present, future or past.

The universe will be.

We dream and plot to try and understand.

A foolish quest, nevertheless curious humans always know best.

I wonder,

In the blur of space and time.

In the delusion that humans,

Have created such successful superior lives.

Such vulnerable, fleeting lives.

That awe you feel gazing up at the sky.

Feeling so small,

Because we are.

Our vision and spectrum only travels so far,

A crumb of what the universe can see...Be.

We can build all the machines,


Discover theories, ideas of why we are here.

Fight the laws of the universe,

The laws we cannot change or contemplate understanding.

We can try fighting against nature,

Disguise our struggle in a synthetic world.

However we decorate or attempt to commemorate,

We will always lose or he wrong.

So, save yourself the heartache.

Appreciate her work.

Live and be good.

That is all that is understood.

Free yourself from always knowing or wanting too.

Concede to the universe.

That is peace.

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