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For all the tears I've shed,

These cloudy eyes refuse to tarnish.

Each iris a rose quartz stone.

I refuse to hide away from love.

Pickled jars of stale thought.

Fleeting memories,

So tempting to forget.

But I won't.

And yet, this empty familiar pain does not outweigh,

Each euphoric step into the unknown of letting go,

Letting in a hopeful soul.

Was it lust or was it love?

Tears now dust,

Another grain to hold in hand.

Slip through these gentle fingers,

Swallowed up by sparkling sand.

As I wander naked into each new ocean,

Natural breasts swinging in the wind...

New collections of emotions I grow excited to release.

Again I rebuild my temple walls.

High enough,

Cemented in hope and unapologetic honesty.

I am a woman now,

One with time.

So much patience.

All the strength I need to create my own magical world.

One thing I lack is space for energy that transports me back.

I won't look back...

I am a woman now.

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