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All that exists,

Has a name.

A sound.

We recognise,

A word.

Released in tongue,

Carried through voice.

Absorbed in sight,

Perceived by choice.

Words can cut through,

Our sometimes,

Paper skin.

Stew in our heads,

A recipe of dread.

Words can carve,

Their signature,

Into our souls.

Good or bad,

We'll welcome them home.

Words can surprise us,

Their sneaky.

Burst from our ego's.


The words were all capable,

Of relaying.

When the mind is actioned,

In fight.

These sounds,


We refer to as words.

Are enough to destroy,

Any occasion,

Any world.


Words can also rescue.

Pull us from sinking,

In the mud.

Wrap us in self worth.

Banish any doubt.

Words can relieve any thirst.

A mind once in drought.

A kind word.

Soon the banks will burst,

With relief.

Can ignite so much emotion,

Or secrets hiding beneath.

Words of love,

Can magic butterflies,

Paint smiles.

Words can join,

Create stories.

Excite all the little,

Boys and Girls.

Words can create mountains,


From a seemingly boring moment.

Words can confuse,


Words can ring so beautiful,

Sometimes received the wrong way.

Words can get the brain thinking,

Or through fantasy,

Whisk it away!

So many languages,

Strange words,

Emotion entanglement's.

Some harder to handle,

It's true.

If your reading this,

I'll tell you something classified.

Your lovely...

Don't let bad words,

Dull those twinkling eyes.

After all,

A word is just a sound.

Evolved through years.

To explain this life,

Expel the fear.

Bring meaning to our existence.

Conjure hope.

In resistance.

The little terrors,

Can be persistent.

But their ours...

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